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No one ever said babies weren’t cute. 

Seal, Fawn, Owl, Pigglet, Fox-pup, Sloth, Polar bear cub, Bunny and dolphin. (young babies)

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My favorite Doctor Who gifs

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you know most people’s obsessions change constantly but i’m just always: harry potter

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THE POTTER GENERATION | A Harry Potter Challenge

Favorite JK Rowling quote

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finishing a series but still being attached to the story and its characters



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Lonely people have enthusiasms which cannot always be explained. When something strikes them as funny, the intensity and length of their laughter mirrors the depth of their loneliness, and they are capable of laughing like hyenas. When something touches their emotions, it runs through them like Paul Revere, awakening feelings that gather into great armies.
...  Winter’s Tale, by Mark Helprin, p562 (via anotherneworld)
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Is it possible to love someone so completely they simply can’t die?
... Winter’s Tale (via elevenminutes)
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